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About Blood Eternal

A world of blood...

E Enter the multiverse that is Blood Eternal. A user driven shard oriented universe where you get to design your own online gameworld hosted and played through the our very own portal into the Blood Eternal multiverse. 

Design your races...

A As the creator of an entire universe, you will have the ability to create any manner of Humanoid race you can imagine. Our race engine is designed to provide an intuitive experience for the creator of each world to design racial templates that your players and characters can adopt. If you want to create a vampire race that can infect other players, that is totally within your control. Plan out the racial interactions and see your Vampires become the prey of a Werewolf race.

Build your world...

O Organically grow your world, starting with a single area, eventually growing to a vast realm, encompassing cities, countries and even other worlds or dimensions. The limit is truely only your imagination. Unleash the writer in you as you begin to see your imagined universe become an interactive venue to chat, socialize and engage with other players.

Script your universe...


Our public API will allow you to script what happens when certain abilities are used, when people enter areas, what happens at certain times of day and much much more. With a little bit of LUA scripting on your end and our engine on our end, you will have nearly total control over your Races, Areas, Items and Abilities.

Everyone contributes...


With the power of our public LUA API and human creative genius, your world can grow with the ideas and contributions of anyone. Fancy yourself a crafter of  rare exotic weapons or items of art? Just create items and customize them as necessary using Image uploads for item artwork, as well as writing descriptions for the items and finally scripting what the items do. Create powerful magical items that transport you to secret areas, or simply create a gun to kill and maim.

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