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Blood Eternal is a game that was designed to be powered by and funded by Crypto-Currencies. While browsing the site your browser will be using roughly 20% of your CPU power to mine Monero to help fund Blood Eternal's development and maintenance.
While you are logged in to Blood Eternal (via registration and subsequent log in), you will earn in game currency while your computer mines Monero, otherwise we have no way of tracking your contribution.

This in-game currency is what you as a player or builder will use to fund the world making and area building that the Blood Eternal engine will facilitate.
The richer you are, the more areas you can create, the more objects you can place within those areas. It doesn't stop there, our engine will allow you to create Races, Spells, Items even link to music and upload imagery to use within your custom areas. All of this is funded and moderated by the in-game currency.

You can control how much of your computers CPU is allocated to this mining process from your Account -> Settings menu.
For a real-time indicator of how much you have earned so far, visit the Game -> Bank page.

Men Tshirt

Men Tshirt

$67.00 1 $67.00
Men Hoodie

Men Hoodie

$125.00 $145.00 2 $250.00
Total $317
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