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The Race Engine


The race engine within Blood Eternal is just one part of a larger whole. When you register and begin construction of your world, you can quite literally write the LUA code that executes for just about anything. With this ideology in mind, we provide the means for you to customise what happens when certain actions are executed or when certain abilities are used in which situations. 


Imagine you create a Race - call it a 'vampire' and it has an ability called 'Bite'. You will be able to have that ability infect 'Human' race players with Vampirism, or you could just leave it as a strictly damaging type attack. Give your abilities as much feedback messages and flavor text as you want or need and then use them in game to bring your 'Race' to life.


Engage in race wars as one race becomes Xenophobic or distrustful to the others. Will you create a Werewolf tribe that will seek to eradicate the Vampires? Or will you have dozens of races all fighting for resources.

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